“We Make Nice Cars Look Great!”

Wheel Repair Made Easy. 

The right wheels make cars look like they’re wearing “automotive” jewelry, but what happens when a rim gets scratched? 

These days expensive wheels are customized with innovative designs, and high-quality materials to match the cars they accompany. The most requested are low-pressure casting aluminum wheels, with either an elegant shiny black finish or a sporty mat finish.

Although aftermarket wheels like Vossen are often the most expensive accessory on cars, they get the most beating and scratched rims make any car look bad! Fortunately SHOWROOM AUTO CARE can repair your scratched, scraped, curbed, even chipped rims using the latest techniques and tools. Our process involves sanding and filling the damaged area(s), before painting and blending-in the paint.

Our wheel repair service fixes a variety of issues on all types of rims + wheels i.e. whether black alloys rims or aluminum wheels, we paint + repair scratches, scuffs, or scrapes on rims, and make them look good again. If you to powder coat your rims, SHOWROOM AUTO CARE can provide you a professional service + save you money.

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Rim Repair + Wheel Painting At Your Doorstep!

Providing a professional rim repair and painting service with the best workmanship, while saving customers money.

Our services are mobile, and all work is GUARANTEED.

MOBILE Rim Repair Service to fix scratched alloy and aluminum wheels with road rash or scratches without removing the wheel off the car.

“We Make Nice Cars Look Great!” 


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