There is nothing worse than getting into a vehicle that has a foul odor!

The good news is that SHOWROOM AUTO CARE offers a “Get Rid Of Smell” service which neutralizes and eliminates bad smells in vehicles of all types.

How Does It Work? Using a specialized commercial grade ozone machine, today’s safest and most permanent method of permanently removing odors.

What is Ozone? Ozone is activated oxygen, which in nature is produced by atmospheric electrical discharges i.e. lightning. In fact, after our treatment the vehicle will have the same smell as outside after a thunderstorm.


1. Electrical Discharges (lightning) create an abundance of activated oxygen (O3) in the air.

2. These same discharges also create an abundance of negative ions in the air.

3. Negative ion generation is referred to as the “Thunderstorm Effect”

Negative Ions – Indoor Space Travelers

Did you know that in most indoor environments many harmful particulates and contaminants usually end up in vehicles and keep circulating through over and over again? This is because the useless conventional air return filters do not block these contaminants from re-entering the environment. These ineffective air filters simply allow the contaminants to pass right through them, and right back into your vehicle! Like all Showroom Auto Care services, our Odor Removal Service is provided on-site, and is guaranteed to work – otherwise the service is FREE!

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