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Painted Brake Calipers Pop.

Originally brakes were designed with safety in mind, not fashion i.e. rusty brake were hidden behind hubcaps and bulky rims for decades. Nowadays most hubcaps have been replaced by beautiful open-face rims, putting the painted brake calipers on display. But let’s face it, unless you’re spending big money on high-performance Brembo brakes the likelihood of a car coming from the dealership with nicely painted brakes is unlikely.

Although the cost of materials may be very attractive, painting brake calipers requires a considerable amount of effort in order to achieve a quality job. The first and probably biggest decision is whether or not to remove the calipers from the car? (Click here for more info)

Thankfully, with SHOWROOM AUTO CARE getting yours painted red, yellow, orange or ANY COLOR you want has never been easier. At the convenience of your doorstep at home or work in Miami + Broward, SHOWROOM AUTO CARE will provide you a Professional Brake Caliper Painting Service with Caliper Decals.
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Painted Brake Calipers Benefits

Painting your brake calipers give functional as well as esthetic benefits, because as calipers age they accumulate brake dust and road grim that often are impossible to remove.

We apply a rust preventive automotive primer before painting brake calipers with 3 coats of heat resistant caliper paint, leaving a bright shiny surface that always looks fresh and is easy to clean.


Choosing the color to paint calipers strictly depends on personal preference. The colors most requested these days are red, yellow, orange, and blue. For a more customized look, brake caliper decals are also available
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