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Pictures of Profession Restoration Work – for information about professional mobile restoration services click here.

SHOWROOM AUTO CARE provides professional mobile restoration services at the convenience of the customers doorsteps throughout Miami, and in Broward. Your scratched rims, leather seats, hazy headlights, dull wheels, and even your brake calipers can be restored from home or work, using our mobile services.

We restore damaged rims by meticulously eliminating curb rash, scratches, and scrapes using the latest techniques in the industry. Our expert technicians restore damaged items and make them look great again, while saving customers a considerable amount of money i.e. 90% new for 10% of the replacement cost

Rim Repair | Fix Wheels

Specialized Wheel Repair that smooths away damage on rims, and blend in original color. Rim powder coating is also available. –

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Mobile Headlight Lens Restoration

Proprietary 8 Step Headlight Lens Restoration that makes headlamps look 90% new for 10% of the price, and brings a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE! –

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Mobile Brake Caliper Painting

Get your Calipers painted orange, yellow, red, blue, or ANY COLOR you want. –

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Mobile Leather Repair

Leather Interior Repair to dye car leather steering wheels, repair cracked seats, and remove stains.

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Plasti Dip + Blacking Chrome

Customize your car professionally and economically by blacking out the emblems, the grill, and tinting the lights.

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Clean + Polish Chrome

Get your dull Chrome Wheels shining like new again with a special mobile chrome treatment like no other! –

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