We congratulate you on taking the first steps toward buying a franchise.
Here the decision is whether to simply buy a franchise, or buy into a franchise startup company!

Franchise Business

According to Entrepreneur (entrepreneur.com), the franchise business model has the “highest success rate” of the two due to its proven system. On the other hand, the challenges of investing in a franchise startup business can be more rewarding; both personally and financially.

Before deciding to buy a franchise, here are the major questions to first answer:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Do you prefer to have fixed-location or mobile business?
  3. Should you be selling a service or a product/food?
  4. Whether to invest in a start-up or recognized franchise?

Brick-and-mortar locations are growing within the franchise industry, but mobile service franchises recently began to outpace them and it is easy to see why. Without rent or many of the other monthly expenses of a fixed location, the mobile service industry has become one of the fastest growing in the nation. For more than a decade new business models have been fueling highly profitable industries such as mobile pet grooming services and mobile X-ray services, not to mention the entire internet business niche.

The mobile business model has also impacted the food industry, making food-trucks very popular in certain metropolitan cities like Miami and LA. However, since the restaurant industry has the highest number of failures for new businesses, many investors are looking at other investment options.

Admittedly, the one thing an established franchise offers over investing in a franchise startup is name recognition. Name recognition naturally brings substantial benefits to franchises, but it also comes at a considerable cost in the form of a high startup investment and high royalties.

Granted investing in a franchise startup is risky, the franchise startups have the potential to produce the highest return on investment. (Click here for info on Franchise Outlook 2017)


We Are Franchise Ready!

In 2015, after four years of steady growth and increasing profits we hired Franchise Marketing Systems, a preeminent franchise consulting firm, to develop our Franchise Package. The package includes the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), as well as all of the manuals and documentation necessary to become a Franchisor. Based on the strength of the Franchise Industry, the volume of opportunities in the Mobile Services Industry, and our 6 consecutive years of Company Growth and Increased Profits, the potential for a highly successful SHOWROOM AUTO CARE Franchise is Tremendous!

  • 80% of car restoration companies who offer a complete line of services operate from a single fixed location, leaving a wide open market for mobile restoration services.

  • 20% of the companies in the vehicle restoration service business offer mobile services, and out of those the majority only offer 1 or 2 services.

  • There is not a single vehicle restoration company with a regional presence strong enough to serve customers multiple locations.

  • Most competitors have a very weak internet presence, and do not provide a personalized or memorable service good enough to create repeat business.

Invest in a Franchise Startup Business, Invest in  SHOWROOM AUTO CARE!

Potential for Success

Armed with our:

  • Franchise package.
  • Proof of concept with more than 6 years of successful business.
  • 1st to market advantage.
  • Robust and growing internet presence.
  • Complete line of vehicle restoration services.

The benefits/advantages the SHOWROOM AUTO CARE franchisees will have includes:

  • VERY Low Start Up Cost.
  • VERY LOW Overhead.
  • MULTIPLE Streams of Income.
  • OWNER-OPERATOR no staff needed.

What An Investor Will Receive:

  • Our 30+ page business plan.
  • A seat on the board of directors.
  • Active participation in higher level company decisions.
  • Dividend distributions.
  • 20% to 70% ownership in the franchising company.

Today we are interested in forging a strategic partnership with a person or a corporate entity who recognizes the potential of returns from investing in a franchise startup business. The goal of the partnership is to move our proof of concept and franchise framework to the next level, and start selling franchises. The capital investment will be used to build the infrastructure required to operate as a Franchisor.

If you are interested in more information regarding this unique opportunity to invest in a franchise startup, we welcome your call. Please contact our founder/manager Mr. Alix Douyon at 305-986-7000.