On-site Restoration Services Program

SHOWROOM AUTO CARE provides on-site professional vehicle restoration services to companies with fleets of vehicles, as well as to new + used car dealerships, insurance companies, and body shops among others.

Dealerships who use or resell our services profit without incurring monthly fixed costs, while Companies who use our services save substantial amounts of money without having to take their vehicles off the road.



Dealerships have the opportunity to make our restoration services part the services they offer, without incurring any of the monthly fixed costs associated with providing the services i.e. headlight restoration, leather repair, rim repair, interior repairs, and odor elimination. NOTE: all work is done onsite WITHOUT the need for a lift or bay, and all l services are billed to the dealership whom in turn bills the customer with typically 100% mark up.

When jobs are sold, the service adviser simply calls SHOWROOM AUTO CARE to schedule the work, and generally the work can be completed the same day. SHOWROOM AUTO CARE will train the service advisers to identify the needs, provide accurate estimates, and sell the services.


Services are provided to companies with fleets of cars and/or trucks (property management companies, food distributors, medical centers), as well as companies who lease, own, or are selling vehicles(s), limousine companies, car rental companies, hotels, funeral homes, as well as government agencies (police, ambulance, emergency & service vehicles).

Proudly serving Broward

Used Car Dealerships
New Car Dealerships
Body Shops
Vehicle & Truck Leasing Companies
Companies with Fleets of vehicles
Car Rental Companies
Limousine Companies
Government Agencies
And More…
Dealerships + Company prices are discounted based on quantity, and all work comes with a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE.