In January 2011, we began exploring the need for Mobile Restoration Services in Miami. Rather quickly we discovered that the Miami market had a veritable dearth of headlight restoration services, and was bursting with untapped potential. With the market research in hand, we formed SHOWROOM AUTO CARE.

In the beginning, we only offered headlight restoration services to car dealerships in the Miami area. After mastering our headlight restoration craftsmanship using several grits of sandpaper and clear coat, we expanded our line of mobile restoration services to also include leather repair. By mid-2012 we grew beyond offering headlight restoration and leather repair in Miami only, and started providing our services in south Broward County. A short time later, we added rim repair, brake caliper painting, odor removal with Ozone, as well as PlastiDip blackout.

Franchisor and Partnership Opportunity

According to the International Franchising Association, ”…franchise businesses will grow at rates that exceed the economy-wide growth of industries where franchises are concentrated”(Source: International Franchising Association). With an eye on that expanding sector of the economy and armed with a six year proof of concept, we invested in our Franchise framework which includes our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). Now the next step is to put together the corporate structure, and start selling franchise business opportunities.

In order to take the next step, we are interested in forging a strategic partnership with a person or corporate entity looking for the opportunity to invest in a franchise startup business. The goal of our partnership is to move our proof of concept and mobile restoration franchise framework to the next level, reach its full potential, and maximize profits!

If you would like more information about this exciting opportunity, please visit our Franchise Business Startup page or click here.


Our Vision is to Franchise our Mobile Restoration Services, and be best known for providing a memorable 1st Class Service at a cost saving.


Our Mission is to fully support our Franchisees in being recognized for the quality of their workmanship, and for their professionalism.


Our Goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by surpassing industry standards, and saving them considerable amounts of money!

Mobile Restoration Services:

  • Rim Repair and Wheel Powder Coating

    We repair curb rash on aluminum wheels and scraped black alloy rims. We also offer wheel painting and powder coating in Miami.

  • Brake Caliper Painting

    We paint brake calipers red, yellow, blue, or orange, with custom caliper decals. Brake caliper painting is available in Miami and Broward county.

  • Leather Repair and Leather Restoration

    Our best-in-the-industry equipment and training allows us to repair leather steering wheels, restore leather car seats, as well as dye leather without having to use a leather repair kit.

  • Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner

    Leather must be cleaned and conditioned regularly to retain its luster and to prevent cracking. Our professional application of leather cleaners and leather conditioners will extend the life of all the leather in your car.

  • Plasti Dip Blackout

    PlastiDip Blackout to safely blackout lights, in addition to emblems on cars. We also tint tail lights, tint headlights, PlastiDip rims, as well as debadge and remove emblems from cars.

  • Headlight Restoration with Clear Coat

    Our process takes headlight restoration to the next level by using sandpaper in addition to Clear Coat, and giving a 1 YEAR WARRANTEE!

  • Ozone Odor and Smell Removal

    Our Ozone treatment process will remove the smell from cigarette smoke, undesirable food odors, as well as other bad smells. After the Ozone treatment, we leave a natural odor absorbent pack in the vehicle to remove any lingering bad smells.

  • Showroom Detailing

    Showroom detailing is an extensive service that includes foaming, compounding, waxing, and polishing the exterior, in addition to fully detailing the vehicle interiors.